Evolve Battery Upgrade


Is your Evolve skateboard sagging too much? Does it run out of juice before you've finished your ride? Is it just not holding it's charge anymore?

Sounds like you need a battery upgrade!

Right now I'm offering my services to build Evolve skateboard owners a new 18650 Lithium-ion based battery pack to help alleviate those voltage sag woes.


The process is simple. You can either;
  1. Send me your BMS (or a spare BMS), and I'll create the pack and wire everything up so you can just plug and play when you take delivery of your new battery pack.
  2. I create the pack and add all necessary wires & plugs, including the special 11pin evolve-only BMS balance lead connector, then all you do when you take delivery is solder two wires to your BMS and plug in the rest of the connectors. Full instructions given.

As you can see, the pack is flexible (for the Bamboo only), and can handle any flex the board has in it and still keep it's integrity. This is because, although the parallel packs of cells are spot welded together with pure nickel strips, the series connections are made with a short length of 10awg wire, allowing the packs to flex, making it safe and reliable.

For the Carbon boards the whole pack is spot welded with pure nickel strips making it strong, reliable and robust. The battery pack in the Carbon board doesn't need to have any flex at all.


Yes! Everything else still works as it should. All you're doing is upgrading the battery. Your controller still works, the information about the cell voltage etc. still works, you don't need a new charger, you don't need to worry about anything else...

Pricing can fluctuate slightly with the ever-changing prices of the latest and greatest Li-ion cells.

Based on the last round of pricing, the battery options are priced as follows;
Prices below are subject to very slight variations but are a total cost for the whole battery pack with nothing else to pay except shipping. Once you place your order the price is fixed and will not change.
ModelConfig.Cell TypePrice
Bamboo GT
Bamboo GTX
Carbon GT
Carbon Gen 1
Bamboo ONE
10s4pSamsung 30q (3000mah @ 15A)£247
Bamboo GT
Bamboo GTX
Carbon GT
Carbon Gen 1
Bamboo ONE
10s4pSony Konion VT6 (3120mah @ 30A)£279
Bamboo GT
Bamboo GTX
Carbon GT
Carbon Gen 1
Bamboo ONE
10s4pLG HG2 (3000mah @ 20A)£285

Carbon GT
Carbon Gen 1
10s5pSamsung 30q (3000mah @ 15A)£291
Carbon GT
Carbon Gen 1
10s5pSony Konion VT6 (3120mah @ 30A)£315
Carbon GT
Carbon Gen 1
10s5pLG HG2 (3000mah @ 20A)£334

Carbon Gen 110s6pSamsung 30q (3000mah @ 15A)£316
Carbon Gen 110s6pSony Konion VT6 (3120mah @ 30A)£335
Carbon Gen 110s6pLG HG2 (3000mah @ 20A)£367

Location Cost
UK £12
EU £18
Europe £25
USA £46
Asia £46
Australia £48
New Zealand £48


All packs are in a 10s 4p/5p/6p configuration, making it the same voltage as your existing Evolve battery pack.

Cells in the 4p configuration - 4 cells in parallel - the cell capabilities are quadrupled. So... for example, based on the LG HG2 cells, the finished pack will have the following specifications;
  • Voltage = 36v nominal
  • Mah = 12000
  • A Discharge Rate = 80A
To put that in perspective, your existing battery is just 6500mah, so along with the extra Amp discharge capabilities, you're basically doubling (at least) your range and putting much less stress on your battery, which will make it last longer.

Having a higher Amp discharge rate means that issues with power related to voltage sag will kick in a lot later in the battery's discharge cycle, meaning you can ride with full power for much longer and still tackle those hills!



Well, you will need to slightly modify your board, and this is only related to Bamboo boards, Carbon boards need just a 6-8mm neoprene gasket to slightly raise the enclosure.

There's two options....
  1. You can route (with a router) out a section from the underside of your board, roughly 5mm deep to accommodate the BMS which will sit on top of your main board/ESC. You'll also need to route out the complete footprint of the new battery pack, but not as deep so that it all fits nicely back in the standard enclosure.
  2. If you're not in to carving up your board, you can opt to buy 6mm semi-rigid rubber sheet which you'd need to cut in to 8-10mm wide strips and place around the perimeter of your enclosure between the enclosure and the board, thus raising the enclosure by 6mm and accommodating your re-positioned BMS and new battery pack. You will of course need longer bolts/screws to hold down the enclosure.
    UPDATE: I'm looking in to providing these strips ready made as 'kit' for a gasket.
Example board modification via router...

Photo credit: Nigel Clements

If you would like to go ahead with this upgrade, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. The best place to reach me is:- 

Facebook Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.dark just send me a message.

You can also reach me through this website's contact form here.

You can also get hold of me on the Electric Skateboard Builders forum.

If you go to my contact form you can see my actual email address if you'd prefer to email me through your own mail client. I look forward to hearing from you.


Q: Do I have to ship my whole board to you?
A: No. Just your BMS, or nothing if you're going to solder the two wires yourself.

Q: Will I need a new charger for the new battery?
A: No, all existing electronics will work with this replacement battery.

Q: I live outside the EU, can you supply me a battery too?
A: Yes, I can, but I'm not advertising that I can because normally it's a lot of money to ship worldwide.

QCan I fit 10s5p in my Carbon GT?
AYes, it is quite a squeeze but it can be done.

QCan I fit 10s5p in my Bamboo GT?
ANo, unfortunately not, the enclosure is just not big enough to take that size battery pack. You could however, buy an after-market or custom enclosure that's a little bigger and then you can fit/use 10s5p.


N Clements - Bristol, UK
The 18650 mod has been the BEST thing I have ever done with my bamboo gt, It has given me more than double the range I once had, almost a freedom on my board to go anywhere tackle any hill without the dreaded sag. Best upgrade ever! Kevin has been amazing and bent over backward to get this mod right for me.I would recommend his services and upgrades to any evolve owner or even if you are looking to upgrade/mod any electric skateboard I am sure there is something he can do to help!

R Caldeira - London, UK
Really happy with my battery upgrade! Over 30 miles with all-terrain wheels! Insane! :P

James McElhinney - Ireland
I ordered a battery upgrade from Kevin, and the service was exceptional. From the communications, updates, down to labelling the cables for easy soldering to BMS. It was shipped and received via next day delivery. Once fitted and charged the performance was exactly what I hoped for - battery sag almost gone. Range practically doubled. Quality of work and finish superb. 10 outa 10

Stiddon Carroll - Ireland
My Carbon GT battery was at the end of its life. 10km in eco mode and little of Fast mode to get up the hills, with the battery sagging to 20%, only to return to 87%. Arghhh, what to do?

Kevin to save the day. I ordered a 10s5p battery upgrade for my Evolve CGT. This is a beast. I got to 4.9km at cruising speeds of 30-37kmh, minimal battery sag (5-10%) and ending with 100% battery at a stand still. Absolutely astonished!!! Ended the ride at 30.3km, 18% battery using Knobby AT’s, (75kg) and all in FAST mode, and GT occasionally, used to full throttle up every hill. Kevin is extremely professional and the service, impeccable. Payment, delivery, instructions, information, all instantly answered and looked after, Including step by step updates. Thanks Kevin

J Salichs - Barcelona
Kevin is super nice, he always responds quickly to your questions and he provided detailed instructions about how to connect the battery to the BMS, even he marked the cables to know which one is which. He also sent the package very quickly and very well packed.
About the battery itself, great work, he knows what is doing. The pack is unbelievable, seriously, I’m astonished. You can go uphill in full speed, don’t worry, the sag is almost non existent and the power is constant. The range is crazy too. The only thing that I’m a little bit sad is that I’ve been riding the stock crappy battery for almost a year, I wish I would get this in day one. I’m so happy right now, I can go whatever I want without worrying about the range. I recommend to every one who has an Evolve to contact to Kevin and order a new one.
Thanks man!


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Author: Kevin Dark - 11/1/2017 2:27:57 AM