5V USB Charger Port For Electric Skateboard


Ever been out on your electric skateboard and run out of controller or phone juice!? I have and it's really annoying knowing you've got a massive battery inside your skateboard but unable to harness it's power to charge your phone!

Fear not! I have a non-invasive solution!

These voltage step-down converters coupled with these DC 5.5/2.1 jacks are a perfect solution for charging from your electric skateboard on the go...

Simply wire up your DC jack to the step-down converter, making sure to connect it to the V+ & V- input.

Then plug this directly in to your charge port of your electric skateboard and voila! You have yourself a phone charger! :D

These step-down modules can also be used internally to power LED lights that run from a 5v power source.

You can simply utilise the USB port to plug in your lights, or remove the USB socket and solder your lights' wires directly to the PCB.

Author: Kevin Dark - 9/6/2018 10:32:05 PM