DELL KM714 - Wireless Keyboard - Lost USB Receiver

RE: DELL KM714 Keyboard & Mouse Combo

If like me you lost your USB dongle that came with this keyboard and mouse combo, and like me have been told by DELL that they cannot sell you one separately, don't fret!

The USB dongle is what's known as a Unifying Receiver. It's made by Logitech (as is the mouse & keyboard) and can be purchased separately from Logitech themselves or Amazon relatively cheaply.

Once you receive it, install the Unifying Software, run it and turn on your keyboard. It should show up in the connected list for you to pair, in my case I didn't need to pair it, it worked straight away. Don't bother trying to pair if this happens to you, it will fail. Instead, close the software down and enjoy your keyboard! :)

Should you find you've lost your mouse AND your USB dongle (as in my case), this mouse makes a great replacement, and you won't need to purchase a separate dongle.

Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse - Light Silver

Author: Kevin Dark - 7/3/2016 8:00:00 PM