ASUS X550C Terrible Wifi Signal

This solution isn't just for the ASUS X550C, it could fix many weak WiFi signal issues on most laptops.

The Problem
I recently acquired a new Asus X550C laptop running Windows 10, to replace my ageing Sony Vaio VGN. I have the laptop in the kitchen and my BT Hub 5 (BT Infinity) is sitting behind one internal 6" wall and is about 4 - 5M away (as the crow flies). The signal kept dropping out continually and the network download speed - when running - was abysmal! If it worked at all!
Needless to say I was disappointed, as if I lifted the laptop up and walked 3ft towards the router it picked right up and was quite good indeed! This wasn't practical however as this was the only place in the kitchen it could go.

The Solution
I did some research and found that the Intel Advanced-N 6205 (62205ANHMW) mini WiFi card was much better at receiving/transmitting at greater distances and through obstacles.
After buying one online, I proceeded to take the X550C apart to fit it, only to find that the card in the ASUS was a combined WiFi and Bluetooth all-in-one! The Intel 6205 is just WiFi. I use the Bluetooth to stream audio from the laptop to my kitchen stereo all the time, so I didn't want to lose that functionality.

Regardless of this I decided to install the new card to see if it made things better.

Once installed, I powered up the laptop and the Windows 10 WiFi drivers kicked in immediately. I could connect to my router and the signal was GREAT! Much better than before. By this point I hadn't installed any drivers from Intel.

I had downloaded (previously) the following drivers:-
As I'm running Win 10, I installed those drivers first. Even after a re-boot the signal and speed went down by over half! It was terrible and the signal reception distance took a hit too.
I then un-installed the Win 10 drivers and installed the Win 7 ones. Well! So much better! And better than the stock drivers too.

I placed the laptop back in the kitchen and the WiFi is working great! No signal drops and I now connect to my 5GHZ connection instead of just the 2.4GHZ as with the original card. Unfortunately though I really do need Bluetooth, so I went on the hunt for an alternative card...

After some research online I discovered an alternative Intel card (renowned for good range and signal) which also had Bluetooth integrated. An Intel 6230 Wireless N WiFi with Bluetooth BT 3.0. Yes it's only Bluetooth 3.0, but that's all I need to be honest.
Once installed this solved all my issues and returned my laptop to it's fully featured state. The installation was as easy as the first card, the signal is still great and I'm streaming audio from Youtube to my heart's content! :)

Anything to add, just drop me a line...

Here's a video of how to get in to the Asus X550c.

Author: Kevin Dark - 7/11/2016 6:21:28 PM